Japanese proverb: 

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. 


  • Project management – mainly within logistics and organisation for private enterprises and in the public sector
  • Workshops and lectures
  • Competence development and competence assessment in Supply Chain Management
  • …or just assistance when you have a peak or temporarily need to fill a position

About Vision & Action

  • Vision & Action enables you to reach your goals and visions better and faster.
  • Vision & Action mixes ”soft and hard” competences, by very unorthodoxly combine logistics and personal development. All are united and tied to each other.
  • Vision & Action initiates the process and is here to support you while realising your vision and goals, understood and in line with where you want to go. 
  • Vision & Action is here for your company/organisation and for the individual. 
  • Vision & Action aims for long term sound and viable results.

About Karin Brodin

Karin has experiences from many lines of business and roles. Her more extensive educations – a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and certified Philosophical Counsellor – give her insight and understanding in both soft and hard factors. She has the ability to tie these together in a unique way.